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Production General Labor - 1250

Stockton, CA
Production  General Labor - 1250

Stockton, CA
Hourly: $16.90/hour 

Basic Description:

Job will require assignment to various departments, including powder atomizer, screening and blending, or material handling, depending on needs of the Production Department. Job assignments may entail driving a forklift, handling molten metal, reading and recording of gauges, monitoring process variables, operation of screening and classification equipment, weighing, packing and palletizing drums, buckets and other containers, loading and un-loading of shipping containers onto and off of trucks.
Physical Requirements:
Sitting: 1-2 hours per eight (8) hour day. Required for operation of forklift, monitoring of gauges and machinery.
Standing: 3-4 hours per eight (8) hour day. Required for operation of machines, monitoring of gauges, packing operations, ladling of molten metal, operation of powder atomizer and other job tasks.
Walking: 3-4 hours per day, depending on job assignment.
Lifting/Carrying: 4-6 hours per day, depending on job assignment. Handling of molten metal ladles may require lifting of up to 30-40 pounds on a frequent basis. Packing and powder transfer operations may require frequent lifting of up to 55 pounds in 5 gallon buckets and movement of up to 300 pounds in 30 gallon drums. Occasional lifting of up to 65 pounds.
Climbing: 1-2 hours per day. May include climbing of ladders, steps onto elevated platforms. Possible climbing of up to four (4) flights of stairs to top of powder atomizing systems, as many as six (6) times per eight(8) hour day.
Twisting/Pulling: Required for up to 2 or more hours per eight (8) hour day for operation of machinery, packing and palletizing of containers and powder atomization operations.
Manual Dexterity: Hand/wrist movement constantly required in all job assignments. Ability to firmly grasp tools with either hand is required. Fine finger dexterity is required for operation of controls, estimated to be less than 1 hour per day.
Bending/Stooping: 1-2 hours per day, depending on job assignment
Reaching: 4-6 hours per day, depending on job assignment. May include 1-2 hours per day of reaching overhead.
Environmental Conditions: Work may be indoors or outdoors, depending on job assignment. Exposure to dust and marked changes in temperature and humidity is expected. Must be certifiable for respirator use. Ability to walk on uneven ground (outdoors) is required.
Hours of Employment: 24 hour operation, 7 days per week, with scheduled days off. 8 hours per day is typical work schedule, with possibility of mandatory overtime.
Training Required: On the job training is provided for all new hires.
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