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Land Development Manager - 1237

Stockton, CA
Land Development Manager - 1237

Location: Stockton, CA
Position type: Salary + Bonus
Direct hire/Contract: Direct hire/Perm position

The Land Development Manager is responsible for the management of day to day field operations required for the installation of all land development improvements. This position is responsible for leading the comprehensive delivery of the common area and residential lots improvements. The position will be responsible for the following:
  • Lead and manage the implementation of land development strategy including planning and installation of infrastructure including off site and in-tract improvements at the communities.
  • Manage field operation of consultants and contractors.
  • Working closely with Land Entitlement Manager, support internal and external resources to deliver approved tentative maps, improvement plans (including joint trench utility and lake plans) and building permits required to deliver residential lots on time and within budget.
  • Work with Land Entitlement Manager to manage land development budgets and schedules including management of agreements with contractors and consultants, change orders, invoice approval, budget reconciliation and scheduling and certified payroll for monthly meetings. 
  • Manage and coordinate competitive bidding process, scopes and negotiate best value for labor and materials prior to award of contracts. Enhance value engineering of improvement plans and land development strategy.
  • Draft weekly Microsoft Project report of land development milestones for meetings with COO and consultant team meetings.
  • Supervise schedules and workmanship by inspecting and approving contractor’s work is consistent with City of Stockton requirements.
  • Responsible for inspections, corresponding paperwork, tract acceptance, bond exoneration and SWPPP management.
  • Assist Land Entitlement Manager in jurisdictional agency and other “public” liaison/processing for required entitlements, CEQA compliance, site development plans and merchant builder approvals.
  • Maintain, enhance and cultivate relationships with City of Stockton inspectors and local agencies. 
  • Support home builders during sale of lots due diligence and post-closing.
  • Anticipate and identify potential risks and solutions including municipal challenges, constraints, new governmental rules and regulations and any other conditions that impact the project.
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